Hardship Transfers

How Can the Ombudsman Help Me with a Hardship Transfer Request?

The Office of the Ombudsman does not have jurisdiction over inmate transfers. The Ombudsman does not intervene in the transfer process nor does the Office contact the institution to advocate for individual hardship transfer requests.

How do I file a Hardship Transfer Request?

Hardship Transfer Requests must be made in writing and detail the specific reason(s) for your hardship and may include supporting documentation such as letters from your physician or other health care providers. Your letters should be mailed to the institutions Case Records Office and be addressed to the Classification and Parole Representative requesting that this information be included into the inmates Central File for consideration at his/her next classification hearing.

Does my Hardship Letter Guarantee the Transfer?

No. Several factors are taken into consideration when an inmate is recommended for transfer including, but not limited to, the inmates medical condition(s), classification score, individual case factors, special housing needs, hardship transfer requests, and Departmental need. Ultimately, the decision on where an inmate can be transferred to is dictated by these varying factors and the Department can not always grant a Hardship Transfer Request.