Prison Rape Elimination Act


The federal Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) of 2003 drives all CDCR efforts to combat sexual abuse and sexual misconduct within our institutions. The vision of CDCR is to end the causes and tragic effects of crime, violence, and victimization in our communities through a collaborative effort that provides intervention to at-risk populations and quality services from the time of arrest that will assist our offender population in achieving successful reintegration into society. CDCR has an overarching mission to improve public safety through evidence-based crime prevention and recidivism reduction strategies. Based on this, CDCR maintains a zero tolerance for sexual violence, staff sexual misconduct and sexual harassment in its institutions, Community Correctional Facilities, Conservation Camps and all offenders under its jurisdiction.

Offender and staff safety is paramount to the mission of rehabilitation. CDCR has identified the provision of safe living and working environments as an overarching strategy within the organization. We recognize that offenders must feel safe in our facilities in order for any rehabilitation and treatment to take place. PREA compliance is a significant factor in providing the necessary safety and security for successful rehabilitation.