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CDCR Week in Review: July 7, 2023

What’s New?

23rd Annual State Agency Recognition Awards

wood plaque for the award CDCR received

CDCR was awarded the gold for the 2022 Green Award at the State Agency Recognition Awards (SARA). The SARAs acknowledge state agencies, departments, advocates, and leadership. These awards recognize those who assisted in achieving the Governor’s contracting goals for fiscal year 2021-22.

The Green Award evaluates the following criteria:

  • Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) data
  • Participation in the Performance and Environmental Standards workgroup
  • The number of purchasing officials that have undergone EPP training.

In essence, EPP refers to the practice of “buying green.” CDCR should continue its effort to procure goods and services that safeguard human health and the environment.

Congratulations CDCR for a job well done!

In Our Institutions

incarcerated at CMF performs spoken word

CMF Spoken Word

The California Medical Facility’s (CMF) Peer Literacy Mentor Program (PLMP) mentors and students held an event called Spoken Word. This event challenges students to write in a creative way by utilizing their vocabulary to express themselves. The student participants took turns in sharing their expressions with the audience.

“PLMP. A place where you can learn, be seen and heard, welcome to the Spoken Word,” from Mentor Johnson.

“Many of our incarcerated community suffered some sort of trauma in school. Spoken Word is introducing education in a non-traditional way. This assists the students in learning and thinking of educational goals for their future,” stated Evangela Harrison, PLMP Teacher.

CRC executive staff with OTs in group photo

CRC Executive Team host Staff appreciation for Office Technicians

California Rehabilitation Center (CRC) held their quarterly training for about 25 office technicians to encourage staff excellence. The CRC Executive Team thanked them with a surprise BBQ lunch for staff appreciation.

The CRC Executive Team made the lunch, served it, and then sat down to enjoy it with their staff. Warden Pratt emphasized the importance of showing support staff gratitude for the hard work they do on a daily basis.

California Model

incarcerated playing corn hole at CCI

CCI hosts Corn hole tournament for backpacks

California Correctional Institution’s (CCI) Facility C incarcerated population and staff participated in a fundraising event to get backpacks and school supplies to families in need. The event was in partnership with the Delores Huerta Foundation and the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC).

Staff worked with the incarcerated population to host a corn hole tournament and a three-point shootout.

 “The event was a great opportunity to see each other as people and not as green or blue,” said Captain Amos.

The event was able to supply 200 backpacks to kids for back to school, making it a huge success.


CIW grad with staff for group photo

CIW graduation

El Prado Adult School at California Institution for Women (CIW) celebrated graduates from the class of 2023. Graduates recognized included:

  • Thirty-three GED certificates
  • Two High School Diplomas
  • Ten AA Degrees from Feather River College
  • Ten Computer and Related Technology program. 

CIW Warden Jennifer Core, Principal Gayla Brown, and OCE Associate Superintendent Dr. Nina Thomas shared words of encouragement for the graduates.  Family members were able to cheer on the graduates in-person.

In the Community

boys and girls club holding check
veterans holding a check

ASP donates to local charities

The Avenal State Prison (ASP) incarcerated population donated to the Central Valley Veterans and the Boys and Girls Club of Fresno. Their donated funds enabled medical care, food, clothes, and supportive programs for those who served our country. The Boys and Girls Club blossomed, providing a haven for youth to learn, grow, and thrive. ASP is investing in the future and honoring the past.

CCWF staff blood drive

CCWF staff picture at blood drive

The Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) hosted the Central California Blood Center, joining the North Valley in saving lives through donations. Staff at CCWF and Central California Blood Center took the time to make it a festive event and share in the fun.

CCWF staff contributions amounts to 192 local lives through 64 donations at the completion of this drive. Staff’s enthusiasm showed on the faces and smiles of the participants. Everyone enjoyed a slice of pizza, waters, and prizes. CCWF Captain F. Manzo won the local $50 prize for the competition of fastest blood draw.

CTF staff holding check with high school staff

CTF donates to high school athletics

The Correctional Training Facility’s (CTF) staff and incarcerated population raised over $6.7k through their food sale fundraiser for the Gonzales High School Track Team.

By choosing Gonzales High School as the beneficiary, the funds raised will directly contribute to renovation of the schools’ track. This financial support will enable them to upgrade the track from a dirt surface to a synthetic material approved for competition. This will benefit all students involved.

Events like these demonstrate the positive impact that incarcerated individuals and CTF has on the local community. They provide an opportunity for giving back and fostering connections between different segments of society. This would not have been possible without the incarcerated population and CTF community joining to support the local high school athletics.

NKSP staff standing with high school football team staff

NKSP donates to football team

North Kern State Prison (NKSP) presented a check of $2k to Cesar Chavez High School (CCHS) Football Team. The intention of the donation is to support the CCHS football team in Bakersfield.

“High School athletics can be the most memorable events in a student’s life. Memories that can last a lifetime and have the potential of sculpting who you will become as an adult. I am happy to be supporting the CCHS football team and I have challenged the student athletes to continue to work hard. They should support one another as a brotherhood and we look forward to the beginning of the season,” stated Warden Kevin Hixon.

Upward Mobility

Brittany Brizendine, Psy.D., will be acting as the Regional Health Care Executive for Region II.

Carlos Arce has been appointed as Chief Deputy Warden, North Kern State Prison.

Edward Silva has been appointed as Chief Deputy Warden, California State Prison, Corcoran.

In the Media

graduate shaking hands with staff

Education Offers Hope, Opportunity for Incarcerated Women

They entered the Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) in Chowchilla years ago, emotionally wrung out by tragedy, criminal convictions and prison time.

But Courtney Addington, Eleonoara Igova and Guadalupe Barragan now proudly carry degrees, professional certificates and burgeoning respect from their community.

Using the education gained through the Merced College Rising Scholars program at CCWF, they’ve created for themselves what had previously only seemed accessible to anyone but them.

They created hope.

Visit the Foleon website to read the full article.

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