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CDCR Week in Review: October 13, 2023

CA Model

CDCR hosts Norwegian Correctional Service

In a collaborative effort, CDCR and Amend at the University of California San Francisco hosted representatives from the Norwegian Correctional Service at California State Prison-Sacramento, San Quentin Rehabilitation Center and Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility. CDCR staff and executives engaged in this hands-on visit to share insights and foster practical application, highlighting the power of partnerships in corrections.

HDSP holds Staff Appreciation Day

Staff Appreciate

High Desert State Prison (HDSP) celebrated its annual Staff Appreciation Day to express gratitude for the hard work of CDCR staff across all departments. The event, organized by HDSP’s administration team, catered to approximately 1000 employees throughout the institution.

Various departments collaborated to create gift baskets, allowing staff to participate in drawings and win prizes. HDSP ensured that all staff, including first watch employees, had the opportunity to join in the festivities. The event featured games and prize drawings, providing staff with a chance to relax and connect.

Managers arrived early in the morning to serve breakfast to first watch staff in all program areas and later prepared and served lunch items to second and third watch staff. Staff Appreciation Day served as a meaningful gesture to recognize and appreciate the dedication of our hardworking team at HDSP.

Casual Fridays come to CTF

Lt. Landrum, AW Diaz, Warden(A) Borla and UOF Coordinator Daisy Diaz

Correctional Training Facility (CTF) has introduced “Casual Fridays” as part of its commitment to align with the California Model’s vision to create a more enriching and enjoyable work environment while enhancing the wellness of dedicated staff.

On specified Fridays, CTF staff are encouraged to proudly wear their favorite sports team hats. This not only celebrates collective passion for sports but also serves as a conversation starter among colleagues and the incarcerated population.

“Our primary commitment remains to the security, integrity, and excellence of our facility and staff,” shared Warden (A) Edward J. Borla. “We believe that Casual Fridays will further strengthen the bonds among us while embracing the values of the CDCR California Model. This initiative not only adds a touch of camaraderie but also contributes to a positive workplace culture.


CDCR recruiters on Fox40 Sacramento

fox40 Recruitment

CDCR, in collaboration with Cal Fire and San Joaquin Delta College, hosted an impactful Public Safety Career Fair at Delta College in Stockton. This noteworthy event received coverage on Fox 40 News in the northern region, underlining its significance. Visit Fox40’s website to view the broadcast.

CDCR had a substantial presence at the fair, with recruitment teams representing various fields, including Peace Officer Recruitment, Specialized Recruitment Unit, Division of Adult Parole Operations, and California Correctional Health Care Services.

The event brought together a diverse range of public safety agencies from city, county, state, and federal law enforcement to fire, medical, probation, and parole. Attendees had the opportunity to explore specialized equipment and vehicles used by public safety officers and engage with recruiters to gain insights into career prospects, compensation, and promotional opportunities. The event was open to the public, encouraging attendees to bring friends or classmates to discover the fulfilling path of a career in public safety, including as a CDCR staff member.

Professor David Terry, Professor of Correctional Science at San Joaquin Delta College and event co-host, emphasized the success of the Public Safety Career Fair, providing students with valuable insights into diverse career pathways in public safety and fostering networking among over 80 public service agencies.

CDCR launches women recruitment initiative

CDCR women recruitment

In case you missed it: CDCR is launching an initiative to increase the recruitment, retention and promotion of women in law enforcement.

Secretary Jeffrey Macomber has signed the “30×30” pledge. This initiative sets a goal to have women make up 30% of correctional officer cadets by 2030. Read more at CDCR launches women recruitment initiative (


CCHCS celebrates ACE recipients

The pinnacle of recognition, the annual CCHCS Always Creating Excellence (ACE) award celebrates the very best among us. At the end of each year, CCHCS recognizes three individuals for their commitment to excellence, this includes one rank-and-file staff member, a manager or supervisor and one of our leaders. Congratulations to our first year’s awardees!

Marc Wakefield, Information Technology Specialist III

Marc worked closely with Pharmacy Services to develop the UiPath Assistant Robot, a significant innovation that enables electronic reconciliation of DEA Controlled Substances. His dedication and can-do mindset have been praised by his colleagues.

Dr. Gwen Hammer, with the Office of Nursing Public Health and Infection Control

Dr. Hammer’s mantra is “PUBLIC HEALTH RULES,” and she emulates that in every encounter. She is a creative and innovative leader who welcomes a challenge.

Jasinda Muhammad, Deputy Director of Human Resources

Jasinda is an embodiment of professional excellence. Her leadership and vision has brought great successes to the department.

Information Security is serious business for this CCHCS employee

ISLA 2023 - Vitaliy Panych - Michael Newton - Liana Bailey-Crimmins

Michael Newton, CCHCS’ Information Security Officer, recently graduated from the Information Security Leadership Academy (ISLA). This intensive nine-week program prepared him for vital roles, covering security best practices, NIST frameworks, and CISM certification. He gained expertise in handling ransomware, becoming a Cyber First Responder, Threat Hunting, and FIPS standards.

In Our Institutions

Cultural Art Fair CTF

Cultural Art Fair at CTF

Correctional Training Facility (CTF) joined forces with the Transcommunal Peace Making Group from the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) to organize the Cemanahuac Cultural Art Fair for the incarcerated population at Facility C.

The Cemanahuac Cultural Group is renowned for its diverse multi-ethnic and multi-racial representation. Members orchestrated an event featuring a captivating performance highlighting traditional rituals. Furthermore, incarcerated people in attendance were given the chance to participate in the group’s cultural drumming ceremony.

This collaboration between CTF and UCSC’s Transcommunal Peace Making Group not only brings cultural enrichment to the incarcerated population but also fosters positive interactions and connections within the facility. It showcases the power of culture in rehabilitation and community-building.


Pink Patch-Breast Cancer Awareness

CDCR staff don pink patches for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

CDCR is joining other law enforcement agencies and organizations in going pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Throughout October, correctional staff can swap their patches for Pink patches to show support for breast cancer awareness. For more information, visit Breast Cancer Awareness Month | Susan G. Komen.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Indigenous Peoples's Day Banner

California marked its fifth consecutive Indigenous Peoples’ Day on October 9, 2023, acknowledging the vital role of Indigenous communities and their rich heritage in the state’s history. With the responsibility of addressing past injustices, California aims for a safe, sustainable, and inclusive future. Amid global challenges like climate change, income inequality, and cultural unrest, Indigenous communities are disproportionately affected. The call is to uphold human values, welcoming those displaced from ancestral lands. California celebrates Indigenous resilience, emphasizing cultural expression, climate action, and restorative justice. Together, we work toward equity and sustainability while acknowledge our country’s legacy of conquest and are taking steps to rectify injustices and honor Indigenous excellence. 

To encourage employees to expand their knowledge and gain new experiences, CDCR/CCHCS GARE Ambassadors are sharing celebrations throughout the year. To learn more about diversity, equity and inclusion efforts visit the GARE website

Upward Mobility

Mathew Palmer has been appointed Chief Deputy Warden at Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility.

In the Media

Three CCI Staff

Three CCI employees featured on CDCR website

Three women with different roles at the California Correctional Institution, Tehachapi, were featured in an article published recently as part of “A Day in the Life,” a continuing series of articles about CDCR staff.

According to the department’s website, the series casts a spotlight on various correctional careers ranging from custody staff to support, including medical, accounting and fire department.

The Sept. 27 article focused on Executive Assistant Danell Hauk, Institution Personnel Officer Angela Whitworth and Community Resources Manager Alexis Quiles. Read more: Three CCI employees featured on CDCR website | Lifestyle |

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