EIS Mission, Vision & Goals

Our Mission

Provide customer access to enterprise IT services and information essential to support the Agency’s Mission.

Our Vision

EIS is recognized as a strategic business partner and valued for its proactive leadership, responsive technical expertise and quality services to the Agency.

Our Goals

Enterprise Information Services goals are defined in our IT Strategic Plan “Optimize IT” which serves as a roadmap for the next 5 years. It describes the path the CDCR will take to leverage technology to advance security, safety, rehabilitation and effectiveness while maximizing efficiencies. With Optimize IT, the Department will continue to mature and leverage core enterprise applications, such as the Business Information System (BIS) and the Strategic Offender Management System (SOMS), to reduce manual and paper-based processes, to automate workflow, and to integrate business functionality across the Department. Optimize IT includes five primary goals with specific time bound objectives to facilitate achievement:

  1. Effectively Manage Information and Data
  2. Streamline the Delivery of IT Services
  3. Manage IT as an Enterprise Asset
  4. Strengthen Security
  5. Evolve IT Workforce to Meet Current and Future Needs

EIS priorities and technology decisions are based on these goals and driven by the need to work with the business to achieve them. Optimize IT will evolve the Department’s capabilities in information management, analytics, business process reengineering, and mobile technologies to ensure that the CDCR continues to provide quality and convenient services to its staff and the citizens of California.

Together we can help the CDCR stay at the forefront of correctional excellence.