Upward Mobility

EIS is dedicated to employee career development. Upward mobility within the Department is one of the core values guiding the organization’s success. California state civil service provides several opportunities for employees to develop their careers and move within the system. Employees may change units within the Department, move to another location or Department, transfer to a different classification at the same level, or promote to a new position altogether. State civil service laws, rules, and guidelines for the appointment, transfer, promotion, and relocation of employees from one position to another may require eligibility determination. Providing ongoing training and career development at all levels of the organization ensures a sound unit with an empowered workforce.

Training and Development Assignments

Training and Development (T&D) assignments are a mechanism for movement by providing employees an opportunity to meet the minimum experience and education qualifications to change occupational fields (i.e. from a non-IT classification to IT classification).  This on-the-job training provides opportunities to broaden employees’ skill sets, improve advancement potential, and to prepare for careers in different occupational fields while retaining the existing classification and salary.  These temporary assignments may last from a few months to a maximum of two years and are based on formal agreements between employees and both current and T&D supervisors. A T&D assignment is not offered to a classification within the same promotional career path/series.  Upon completion of the T&D assignment, the employee may qualify to compete in the exam to the promotional classification.


Career Path

The career path identifies opportunities for several possible career changes or promotions from one job classification to another.

Classifications Based on Education