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AB 408 (Quirk-Silva D)   Homeless children and youths: reporting.

AB 485 (Nguyen R) Hate Crimes: Reporting.

AB 552 (Quirk-Silva D) Integrated School-Based Behavioral Health Partnership Program.

AB 662 (Rodriguez D) Mental health: dispatch and response protocols: working group. (2-Year Bill)

AB 717 (Stone D) Prisoners: Identification Cards. (2-Year Bill)

AB 731 (Bauer-Kahan D) County Jails: Recidivism: Reports. (2-Year Bill)

AB 923 (Ramos D) Government-to-Government Consultation Act: State-Tribal Consultation.

AB 988 (Bauer-Kahan D) Mental Health: 988 Crisis Hotline. (2-Year Bill)

AB 1051 (Bennett D) Medi-Cal: Specialty Mental Health Services: Foster Youth. (2-Year Bill)

AB 1214 (Waldron R) Medi-Cal Eligibility. (2-Year Bill)

AB 1394 (Santiago D) Mental Health Services.

AB 1615 (Ting D) Foster Youth: Housing.

AB 1624 (Ting D) Budget Act of 2022.

AB 1627 (Ramos D) Opioid Overdose Prevention.

AB 1630 (Weber, Akilah D)   Competence to Stand Trial: Statewide Application.

AB 1635 (Nguyen R) Suicide Prevention: Mental Health Provider Educational Loan Repayment.

AB 1641 (Maienschein D) Sexually violent predators.

AB 1668 (Patterson R) Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission.

AB 1670 (Bryan D) Criminal justice: Commission on Alternatives to Incarceration.

AB 1673 (Seyarto R) California Fentanyl Abuse Task Force.

AB 1733 (Quirk D) State bodies: open meetings.

AB 1744 (Levine D) Probation and mandatory supervision: flash incarceration.

AB 1750 (Davies R) Controlled substances: treatment.

AB 1795 (Fong R) Open meetings: remote participation.

AB 1803 (Jones-Sawyer D) Probation: ability to pay.

AB 1816 (Bryan D) Reentry Housing and Workforce Development Program.

AB 1830 (Seyarto R) Department of Housing and Community Development: annual report: Homeless Housing, Assistance, and Prevention program.

AB 1835 (Lackey R) Sexually violent predators: conditional release: placement location.

AB 1846 (Valladares R) Parole hearings: victim attorneys.

AB 1847 (Valladares R) Criminal procedure: victims’ rights.

AB 1860 (Ward D) Substance abuse treatment: certification.

AB 1878 (Wood D) California Health Benefit Exchange: affordability assistance.

AB 1924 (Gipson D) Criminal law: certificate of rehabilitation.

AB 1928 (McCarty D) Hope California: Secured Residential Treatment Pilot Program.

AB 1969 (Gipson D) Pupil health: peer-to-peer mental health program.

AB 1970 (Boerner Horvath D) Solicitation of prostitution from a minor.

AB 1974 (Chen R) Correctional facilities: service of process.

AB 1988 (Bauer-Kahan D) Warren-911-Emergency Assistance Act and Miles Hall-988-Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

AB 1995 (Arambula D) Medi-Cal: premiums or contributions.

AB 1996 (Cooley D) State government: administrative regulations: review.

AB 1999 (Arambula D) Mental health: individuals with vision loss.

AB 2020 (Gallagher R) Mental health services: gravely disabled.

AB 2040 (Maienschein D) Criminal procedure: restraining order violation.

AB 2052 (Quirk-Silva D) CalWORKs Child Education Act of 2022.

AB 2077 (Calderon D) Medi-Cal: monthly maintenance amount: personal and incidental needs.

AB 2122 (Choi R) Public postsecondary education: mental health hotlines: student identification cards.

AB 2138 (Muratsuchi D) Domestic violence: probation: sobriety-monitoring programs.

AB 2144 (Ramos D) Mental health: information sharing.

AB 2167 (Kalra D) Crimes: alternatives to incarceration.

AB 2169 (Gipson D) Criminal procedure.

AB 2180 (Wicks D) The Children of Incarcerated Parents and Caregivers Task Force.

AB 2195 (Jones-Sawyer D)   Crimes: nuisance.

AB 2199 (Wicks D) Birthing Justice for California Families Pilot Project.

AB 2211 (Ting D) Shelter crisis: homeless shelters.

AB 2220 (Muratsuchi D) Homeless Courts Pilot Program.

AB 2230 (Gipson D) CalWORKs: temporary shelter and permanent housing benefits.

AB 2239 (Maienschein D) Firearms: prohibited persons.

AB 2242 (Santiago D) Mental health: involuntary commitment.

AB 2250 (Bonta, Mia D) Prisoners: reentry.

AB 2259 (Berman D) Foster youth: substance use disorders.

AB 2275 (Wood D) Mental health: involuntary commitment.

AB 2288 (Choi R) Advance health care directives: mental health treatment.

AB 2291 (Muratsuchi D) Mental health services: planning, research, and evaluation.

AB 2309 (Friedman D) Guardianships.

AB 2317 (Ramos D) Children’s psychiatric residential treatment facilities.

AB 2321 (Jones-Sawyer D) Juveniles: room confinement.

AB 2325 (Rivas, Luz D) Coordinated homelessness response.

AB 2338 (Gipson D) Health care decisions: surrogates.

AB 2361 (Bonta, Mia D) Juveniles: transfer to court of criminal jurisdiction.

AB 2405 (Mayes I) Intensive behavioral health treatment facilities.

AB 2409 (Davies R) Parole: victim’s rights.

AB 2417 (Ting D) Juveniles: Youth Bill of Rights.

AB 2425 (Bryan D) Community colleges: Hire UP: From Corrections to Career Pilot Program.

AB 2434 (Santiago D) Homelessness.

AB 2473 (Nazarian D) Substance use disorder: counselors.

AB 2517 (Bonta, Mia D) California Coordinated Neighborhood and Community Services Grant Program.

AB 2518 (Gabriel D) Mental health and substance use disorders: services.

AB 2520 (Gabriel D) Department of Justice: Office of Access to Justice.

AB 2526 (Cooper D) Incarcerated persons: health records.

AB 2569 (Nguyen R) Department of Homelessness Prevention, Outreach, and Support.

AB 2600 (Dahle, Megan R) State agencies: letters and notices: requirements.

AB 2623 (Villapudua D) Housing First: sober housing.

AB 2628 (Reyes D) Dependency: victims of human trafficking.

AB 2629 (Santiago D) Juveniles: dismissals.

AB 2630 (O’Donnell D) Housing: California Interagency Council on Homelessness: report.

AB 2644 (Holden D) Juveniles: custodial interrogation.

AB 2657 (Stone D) Incarcerated person’s competence.

AB 2658 (Bauer-Kahan D) Juveniles: electronic monitoring.

AB 2663 (Ramos D) Youth homelessness.

AB 2680 (Arambula D) Medi-Cal: Community Health Navigator Program.

AB 2727 (Wood D) Medi-Cal: eligibility.

AB 2730 (Villapudua D) Prisons: rehabilitation programs.

AB 2733 (Choi R) Parolee substance use disorder treatment.

AB 2744 (Low D) Alcohol and drug programs.

AB 2755 (Muratsuchi D) Right to housing.

AB 2768 (Waldron R) Mental health.

AB 2817 (Reyes D) Homelessness.

AB 2818 (Waldron R) Substance use disorder treatment workforce expansion.

AB 2830 (Bloom D) The Community Assistance, Recovery, and Empowerment (CARE) Court Program.

AB 2853 (Lackey R) Mental health: involuntary holds.

AB 2945 (Arambula D) Foster care: enrichment activities.

AB 2951 (Salas D) Mobile mental health crisis response teams.

ACA 14 (Wicks D) Homelessness and affordable housing.

SB 57 (Wiener D) Controlled Substances: Overdose Prevention Program.

SB 234 (Wiener D) Transition Aged Youth Housing Program. (2-Year Bill)

SB 467 (Wiener D) Trial Testimony: Expert Witnesses: Writ of Habeas Corpus.

SB 840 (Skinner D) Budget Act of 2022

SB 854 (Skinner D) Hope, Opportunity, Perseverance, and Empowerment (HOPE) for Children Act of 2022.

SB 864 (Melendez R) General acute care hospitals: drug screening.

SB 882 (Eggman D) Advisory Council on Improving Interactions between People with Intellectual and Development Disabilities and Law Enforcement.

SB 885 (Laird D) Community colleges: Cooperating Agencies Foster Youth Educational Support Program.

SB 903 (Hertzberg D) Prisons: California Rehabilitation Oversight Board.

SB 904 (Bates R) Controlled substances: treatment.

SB 914 (Rubio D) Homeless domestic violence survivors and data systems: local and state support and guidelines.

SB 929 (Eggman D) Community mental health services: data collection.

SB 944 (Pan D) California Health Benefit Exchange: affordability assistance.

SB 964 (Wiener D) Behavioral health.

SB 965 (Eggman D) Conservatorships: medical record: hearsay rule.

SB 970 (Eggman D) Mental Health Services Act: accountability and planning.

SB 992 (Melendez R) Substance use disorder counselors.

SB 996 (Kamlager D) CalWORKs eligibility.

SB 1003 (Eggman D) Trauma-Informed Care Training Program.

SB 1006 (Jones R) Law enforcement: homeless outreach teams.

SB 1034 (Atkins D) Sexually violent predators.

SB 1035 (Eggman D) Mental health services: assisted outpatient treatment.

SB 1053 (Bates R) Fentanyl.

SB 1060 (Bates R) Controlled substances: fentanyl and oxycodone.

SB 1069 (Umberg D) State grant programs: negotiated cost rate agreements.

SB 1070 (Melendez R) Controlled substances: possession of firearms.

SB 1071 (Umberg D) Public social services: administrative hearings: juvenile records access.

SB 1083 (Skinner D) CalWORKs: pregnancy and homeless assistance.

SB 1090 (Hurtado D) Family Urgent Response System.

SB 1129 (Jones R) Felony murder: resentencing: peace officer victims.

SB 1134 (Melendez R) California Interagency Council on Homelessness.

SB 1137 (Atkins D) Board of State and Community Corrections.

SB 1140 (Umberg D) Opioid Settlement Fund.

SB 1143 (Roth D) Conservatorships: serious mental illness and substance use disorders.

SB 1154 (Eggman D) Facilities for mental health or substance use disorder crisis: database.

SB 1184 (Cortese D) Confidentiality of Medical Information Act: school-linked services coordinators.

SB 1209 (Eggman D) Criminal sentencing.

SB 1223 (Becker D) Criminal procedure: mental health diversion.

SB 1227 (Eggman D) Involuntary commitment.

SB 1238 (Eggman D) Behavioral health services: existing and projected needs.

SB 1282 (Bates R) Homelessness: addiction treatment and prevention: funding.

SB 1283 (Bates R) Mental Health Services Act.

SB 1284 (Bates R) Homelessness: state programs: Housing First.

SB 1286 (Kamlager D) Criminal records: expungement.

SB 1298 (Ochoa Bogh R) Behavioral Health Continuum Infrastructure Program.

SB 1300 (Durazo D) Foster youth: Supplemental Security Income.

SB 1302 (Portantino D) Pupil health: pupil wellness centers: grant program.

SB 1303 (Jones R) Conservatorships: serious mental illness and substance use disorders: counties.

SB 1331 (Min D) Sentencing: members of military: trauma.

SB 1337 (McGuire D) Coordinated specialty care for first-episode psychosis.

SB 1338 (Umberg D) Community Assistance, Recovery, and Empowerment (CARE) Court Program.

SB 1351 (Durazo D) California Youth Apprenticeship Program.

SB 1353 (Wilk R) Homeless population census information: collection and reporting.

SB 1394 (Eggman D) Conservatorships: gravely disabled persons.

SB 1416 (Eggman D) Mental health services: gravely disabled persons.

SB 1418 (Newman D) Public safety collaborative.

SB 1421 (Jones R) California Interagency Council on Homelessness.

SB 1427 (Ochoa Bogh R) Board of State and Community Corrections: Homeless and Mental Health Court and Transitioning Home Grant Programs.

SB 1446 (Stern D) Mental health care guaranteed rights.

SB 1468 (Glazer D) Factual innocence.

SB 1493 (Committee on Public Safety) Public safety omnibus.

SCA 9 (Gonzalez D) Personal rights: right to housing.

Total Measures: 168

Revised 6/6/2022

AB 27 (Rivas, Luz D) Homeless Children and youths and Unaccompanied Youths: Reporting. 09/29/2021 –  CHAPTERED

AB 46 (Rivas, Luz D) California Youth Empowerment Act. 10/08/2021 –  CHAPTERED

AB 118 (Kamlager D) Emergency Services: Community Response: Grant Program. 10/08/2021 – CHAPTERED

AB 133 (Committee on Budget) Health. 07/27/2021 – CHAPTERED

AB 134 (Committee on Budget) Mental Health Services Act: County Program and Expenditure Plans. 07/16/2021 – CHAPTERED

AB 226 (Ramos D) Children’s Crisis Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities. 10/08/2021 – VETOED

AB 339 (Lee D) Local Government: Open and Public Meetings. 10/07/2021 – VETOED

SB 349 (Umberg D) California Ethical Treatment for Persons with Substance Use Disorder Act. 04/13/2022 – CHAPTERED

AB 361 (Rivas R) Open Meetings State and Local Agencies: Teleconferences

09/16/2021 – CHAPTERED

AB 362 (Quirk-Silva D) Homeless Shelters: Safety Regulations. 09/16/2021 – CHAPTERED

AB 369 (Kamlager D) Medi-Cal Services: Persons Experiencing Homelessness. 10/08/2021 – VETOED

AB 546 (Maienschein D) Dependent Children: Documents: Housing. 10/05/2021 –  CHAPTERED

AB 638 (Quirk-Silva D) Mental Health Services Act: Early Intervention and Prevention Programs. 10/06/2021 –  CHAPTERED

AB 640 (Cooley D) Extended Foster Care: Eligibility Redetermination. 10/07/2021 –  CHAPTERED

AB 644 (Waldron R) California MAT Re-Entry Incentive Program. 07/09/2021 –  CHAPTERED

AB 653 (Waldron R) Medication-Assisted Treatment Grant Program. 10/09/2021 – CHAPTERED

AB 666 (Quirk-Silva D) Substance use disorder workforce development. 3/09/2022 –  CHAPTERED

AB 816 (Chiu D) Homelessness: Housing Trust Fund: Housing Projects. 09/29/21 – CHAPTERED

AB 977 (Gabriel D) Homelessness Program Data Reporting: Homeless Management Information System. 09/29/21 – CHAPTERED

AB 1220 (Rivas, Luz D) Homelessness: California Interagency Council on Homelessness. 09/29/21 – CHAPTERED

AB 1228 (Lee D) Supervised Persons: Release. 10/06/21 – CHAPTERED

AB 1291 (Frazier D) State Bodies: Open Meetings. 07/09/2021 – CHAPTERED

AB 1331 (Irwin D) Mental Health: Statewide Director of Crisis Services. 10/07/2021 – VETOED

AB 1443 (McCarty D) Mental Health: Involuntary Treatment. 09/29/2021 – CHAPTERED

AB 1487 (Gabriel D) Legal Services Trust Fund Commission: Homelessness Prevention Fund: Grants: Eviction or Displacement. 10/08/2021 – VETOED

AB 1540 (Ting D) Criminal Procedure: Resentencing. 10/08/2021 – CHAPTERED

AB 1542 (McCarty D) County of Yolo: Secured Residential Treatment Program. 10/08/2021 – VETOED

SR 61 (Rubio D) Relative to Unaccompanied Women Experiencing Homelessness Awareness Month. 03/24/2022 – CHAPTERED

SB 73 (Wiener D) Probation: Eligibility: Crimes Relating to Controlled Substances. 10/05/2021 – CHAPTERED

SB 110 (Wiener D) Substance Use Disorder Services: Contingency Management Services. 10/08/2021 – VETOED

SB 115 (Skinner D) Budget Act of 2021. 02/10/2022 – CHAPTERED

SB 146 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review) Correctional Facilities.

06/30/2021 – CHAPTERED

SB 349 (Umberg D) California Ethical Treatment for Persons with Substance Use Disorder Act.

SB 383 (Cortese D) Juveniles: Informal Supervision: Deferred Entry of Judgment. 10/06/2021 – CHAPTERED

SB 434 (Bates R) Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services: Advertising and Marketing. 10/01/2021 – CHAPTERED

SB 465 (Eggman D) Mental Health. 10/05/2021 – CHAPTERED

SB 507 (Eggman D) Mental Health Services: Assisted Outpatient Treatment. 09/30/2021 – CHAPTERED

SB 578 (Jones R) Lanterman-Petris-Short Act: Hearings. 09/28/2021 – CHAPTERED

SB 629 (Roth D) Identification Cards. 10/07/2021 – CHAPTERED

Total Measures: 38

Revised 6/6/2022