For the latest CDCR COVID-19 information and updates, visit the CDCR COVID-19 Preparedness webpage.

3/31/20: Federal Receiver J. Clark Kelso releases video message to all staff

3/31/20: CDCR announces plan to expedite transition to parole for certain eligible inmates with 60 days or less to serve

3/31/20: FAQs for expedited release and increased physical space published

3/30/20: Free phone call days, reduced-price emails announced

3/29/20: CALPIA announces hand sanitizer production

3/29/20: Inmates allowed alcohol-based hand sanitizer in approved areas under supervision

3/29/20: Inmate cases reported at CIM (1) and LAC (2)

3/27/20: Temperature screenings implemented for all entering prisons and community correctional facilities

3/26/20: Population tracking press release issued

3/26/20: Large-scale construction projects suspended inside secure perimeters

3/26/20: DJJ provides free Skype visits at Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp

3/25/20: Population COVID-19 Tracking released

3/25/20: Secretary Diaz releases video message to staff

3/25/20: Secretary Diaz releases video message to population

3/25/20: All in-service training postponed until July

3/24/20: Governor issues Executive Order with directives to CDCR

  • Adult, DJJ intake from counties suspended for 30 days
  • BPH to develop process for videoconferencing parole hearings
  • In-person parole hearings suspended for 60 days

3/24/20: Transfers into MCRP, CCTRP, ACP suspended through April 6

3/24/20: Transfers to Conservation Camps suspended until further notice

3/23/20: Social distancing posters (1 and 2) provided to institutions

3/23/20: All staff TB testing delayed

3/23/20: CDCR/CCHCS-created educational video released for population

3/22/20: First inmate tests positive

3/21/20: Basic Correctional Officer Academy scheduled for March 24 postponed

3/21/20: Current Basic Correctional Officer Academy accelerated

3/21/20: Reception Center inmates to be quarantined for 14 days

3/20/20: Interim Guidance for Health Care and Public Health Providers issued

3/20/20: Two confirmed staff cases

3/19/20: Standardized academic testing postponed

3/19/20: Ramadan, Passover, Easter services to be provided in-cell

3/19/20: Inmate transfers limited to only essential movement

3/19/20: Parole suitability hearings postponed through April 6

3/19/20: Written peace officer exams postponed through April 6

3/18/20: Temporary travel and meeting restrictions

3/18/20: All CDCR/CCHCS staff given verbal screenings before entering any work locations

3/17/20: COVID19@cdcr.ca.gov email address goes live

3/17/20: JPay offers two free stamps per week to registered electronic messaging users

3/17/20: Global Tel Link to offer free phone calls March 19 and 26

3/17/20: No volunteers or rehabilitative program providers allowed to enter prisons

3/17/20: Parole suitability hearings postponed through March 20

3/17/20: All transfers of out-of-state parolee1s or inmates to California stopped for 30 days

3/17/20: Message from the Secretary and Receiver sent to all staff

3/17/20: Updated guidelines for staff who live in the Bay Area

3/16/20: Reentry facility, parole guidelines issued

3/16/20: Advanced Learning Institute trainings canceled

3/16/20: Updated guidelines for employees age 65+ or with chronic health conditions

3/15/20: Department Operations Center activated

3/15/20: In-person observers not permitted at parole suitability hearings

3/14/20: Family visits postponed statewide, effective 3/16/20

3/14/20: Updated school closure impact guidelines

3/14/20: Expanded precautions at institutions – mandatory verbal screening for all entering state prisons

3/13/20: Secretary and Receiver issue memo:  Message to employees regarding COVID-19 (new coronavirus)

3/13/20: Correctional Sergeant written examination scheduled for 3/21/20 postponed until further notice

3/12/20: Tours canceled statewide

3/11/2020: 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) memo issued

3/11/20: Facts sheets, posters and additional information about COVID-19 distributed to the population 

3/11/20: Events of 250 attendees or more canceled

3/11/20: Normal visiting canceled statewide