Pleasant Valley State Prison (PVSP)

Main Phone: (559) 935-4900

Physical Address: 24863 West Jayne Avenue, Coalinga, CA 93210 (Directions)

P.O. Box 8500, Coalinga, CA 93210

  • Career Technical Education: Electrical Works, Office Services and Electronics Technology, Small Engine Repair, Carpentry, Building Maintenance, Auto Body & Paint, Auto Mechanics (Engine repair), Welding, and Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Academic: Adult Basic Education (ABE) I, II, III; GED / High School Diploma Program; Voluntary Education Program (VEP); Elementary/Secondary Education Act (ESEA); College Program (Coastline); West Hills College (Face to Face); California Prison Industry Authority (CalPIA) Program; Health Care Facility Maintenance (Medical Janitorial Services); and Building Maintenance.
  • Other: Community Service Crews (Cal Trans crew), Inmate Fire Fighters, Religious Services, Bicycle Refurbishing, Self Help/Support Programs (such as Lifer Group, Alcoholic Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Veteran’s Group, Criminal Gangs Anonymous), Handicraft Program, and Inmate Ward Labor.

DRP Programs
CDCR’s Division of Rehabilitative Programs offers a wide range of programs for inmates. Check to see which programs are offered at this institution.

Family Liaison Service Specialist
CDCR provides through a contract with a community-based organization an on-site Case Manager as a family reunification liaison for inmates and family members, to assist with an inmates pre-release preparation; and conduct Parenting and Creative Conflict Resolution classes for inmates. Please call the Institution to contact the Family Reunification Liaison.

Pleasant Valley State Prison is located in Fresno County in the community of Coalinga. You’re not far from the beautiful California coastline or the giant sequoias in Yosemite National Park. Coalinga has quality schools, a library, a museum and is home of the famous Harris Ranch Inn and Restaurant. Key community events include the Annual Horned Toad Derby, Annual 4th of July Fireworks Display and the Wham-O-Bass Hot Air Balloon Festival.

hot  air balloons launching from the ground
Yosemite National Park

PVSP provides excellence in state service and excels in public safety and public service while providing modern long-term housing and professional rehabilitative services for inmate of all custody levels. We maintain the highest public safety security protocols.

Education and Career Technical skills are offered to inmates through our academic classes, vocational instruction, and work programs to create viable job skills that are marketable in today’s workforce. We offer a multitude of self-help programs inclusive of Integrated Substance Use Disorder Treatment, Medicated Assisted Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Intervention that are developed to aid in the inmates’ ability to make positive life changing decisions while giving back to society.

We offer support to our local community through inmate work crews, mutual aid agreements in fire suppression and with local Law Enforcement Agencies to provide enhanced support through our Crisis Response Team.

In addition, we offer a youth diversion program for at-risk children in our community. Our Youth Offender Program offers those inmates who are 18-25 years old, a voluntary intensive rehabilitative treatment program to address their educational, emotional, social, and behavior needs. Our goal is to provide modern rehabilitative services to the inmate population while developing life and social skills to those preparing to reintegrate back into society.

PVSP provides professional medical and mental health services in modern facilities for those patients identified through medical intervention. Our licensed Correctional Treatment Center provides short-term inpatient medical care, diagnostic evaluation, and treatment of patients, including those in need of intervention in our Mental Health Crisis Bed housing. We are able to provide modern medical care for those inmates patients designated as low to medical risk.

Ron Godwin has been acting warden at Pleasant Valley State Prison since November 2020. 

He began his career in 1995 as a correctional officer at Pleasant Valley State Prison.  In 2007, he was promoted to correctional counselor I at Avenal State Prison.

In 2009, Warden Godwin was promoted to correctional counselor II, supervisor, to the Contract Beds Unit.  In 2011, he transferred to California State Prison (CSP), Corcoran as a correctional counselor II, supervisor.

While at CSP-Corcoran, he promoted to captain in 2013 and to associate warden in 2016.  In 2018, Warden Godwin was promoted to chief deputy warden at Kern Valley State Prison. 

Toni Clarke CEO at PVSP

Toni Clarke is  acting Chief Executive Officer at Pleasant Valley State Prison (PVSP). She began her career with the State of California 23 years ago and has held a variety of roles which include information technology where she fulfilled roles in End User Help Desk, User Support, Project Management and Implementation and Change Management.

Her first role with CDCR/CCHCS was at Avenal State Prison (ASP) as the Correctional Health Services Administrator I. She promoted to CHSA II at PVSP in 2010. She promoted to the Chief Support Executive in 2012 acting at both ASP and PVSP simultaneously. Ms. Clarke received her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Care Management and Administration from Ashworth University, Georgia.  

Local Inmate Family Councils (IFC’s) are a gathering of family and friends of the incarcerated who meet regularly with Wardens to support visiting since keeping strong family connections with loved ones is a powerful rehabilitative tool. These IFC’s promote visiting by clarifying rules and regulations as well as discussing health, education, vocational training, packages, books, and related issues. For more information on connecting with a local IFC, please visit the Statewide IFC website.

Special Recruitment

Pleasant Valley State Prison is actively recruiting the following positions:

  • Correctional Officer
  • Correctional Supervising Cook, CF
  • Supervising Correctional Cook, DOC
  • Registered Nurse
  • Licensed Vocational Nurse
  • Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychiatric Technicians

For information on Correctional Officer careers, please contact (559) 935-4965, Monday through Friday between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm. For Mental Health careers, contact the Field Liaison Analyst at (559) 935-4900, ext. 5620, Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. For Medical careers contact the Supervising Registered Nurse III at (559) 935-4900, ext. 5722.