Beyond the Badge

Sacramento prison correctional officer signs with modeling, acting agency

Man in uniform leans against sports car.
Correctional Officer Jose Andrade works at California State Prison Sacramento but on the side, he’s also an actor and model.

By Don Chaddock, Inside CDCR editor

Correctional Officer Jose Andrade walks the toughest beat in the state and soon could be walking the runway. The California State Prison, Sacramento, employee recently signed with a modeling and acting agency. The “side gigs,” as he puts them, have him auditioning for TV shows. Inside CDCR caught up with him for the lowdown.

What is your state service employment history?

I began my career with CDCR on July 29, 2015, as a cadet at Richard A. McGee Correctional Training Center. I was my company’s Junior Company Commander. Upon graduation from the academy, I reported to Pelican Bay State Prison where I remained for about two years. While there, I was on the Pelican Bay Honor Guard team.

In 2017, I laterally transferred to Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility as a Correctional Officer. Due to personal issues, I had to transfer back home to the Sacramento area. I now work at California State Prison, Sacramento. I am a member of Sacramento prison Honor Guard and Recruitment Team. In the future I aspire to be on Crisis Response Team. I also plan on applying to the Institutional Service Unit. I always look for new ways to advance my career and hopefully it will lead to Headquarters to be a Background Investigator.

What do you enjoy about your job as a correctional officer?

I enjoy working with my partners the most. I served eight years in the U.S Army Reserve and to me the brotherhood that I create with my partners is the most enjoyable part of the job.

What are some of your hobbies?

Some of my hobbies I like to do outside of work is modeling and acting. I love photography but I also enjoy going to the gym, hiking, playing basketball, shooting guns and exploring new places.

What got you started on a modeling and acting path?

Closeup of young man smiling.
Modeling headshot for Jose Andrade.

I always had a very outgoing personality since I was little. I’m a very talkative, creative person that naturally becomes the life of the party, so I’ve been told.

It always has been a dream of mine to be an actor and to model clothes for my favorite brands. I started my Instagram account dedicated to modeling to get my face and name out to producers, directors and photographers. Eventually an opportunity came up to take part in a new Netflix movie which I immediately applied for. I then started talking to the casting director which gave my name and photos to local agencies.

After a few days I received an email from Models Inc. in Pleasanton to interview for a possible contract. I attended my interview and the day after I was offered a one-year contract which I happily accepted. Since then I have auditioned for multiple projects, commercials and TV series mostly. I still keep my Instagram account up to date with new pictures. I am blessed and I look forward to what this new career path holds for me.

What are some of your more memorable experiences so far on this second path?

The Netflix movie “All Day and A Night” was awesome. I had the opportunity to meet the director Joe Robert Cole which was the co-writer to “Black Panther.” But one of my favorite moments was when I auditioned for the Netflix series “13 reasons Why.” That was amazing, I personally have seen both seasons so it was such an honor to be considered to audition for such a huge hit show.

How are your fellow CDCR employees reacting?

All my partners have been huge supporters to my acting and modeling career. Lt. Quinn, Officer Santiago and Officer Carson have been supporting me since day one. Administration and everyone that finds out what I do love to hear about all the auditions I get.

Anything else you’d like to add?

My wife and kids have been my motivation and my biggest supporters, without them none of this would be possible. The endless hours, long trips – it’s all for them. My dream isn’t to become an actor or model, but it’s to give my family the life that they can only dream of. To show them that no matter how big the dream is, with hard work, dedication and the right mindset, anything can be accomplished. I wanted to say thank you to God, my lovely wife and kids and all my partners across the state. Thank for the endless love and support.