Kids spend extra time with moms at CCWF

Kids and adults smile outside a building with a banner that reads "Camp Suzanne."
Camp Suzanne participants and counselors were all smiles at CCWF.

Children of inmates at Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) had the chance to spend extended time with their mothers during Camp Suzanne, an enhanced visiting program designed to strengthen family bonds and encourage rehabilitation.

Woman and two kids sit on floor wrapped in blankets.
Incarcerated moms were able to spend extra time with their children at CCWF.

The camp is presented by the Center for Restorative Justice Works (CRJW) in partnership with CDCR.

CRJW is committed to serving communities impacted by crime and providing opportunities for families to stay connected and build stronger relationships, inspiring incarcerated parents to stay focused on rehabilitation and returning home.

During the five-day camp, children and their mothers spent quality time together creating artwork, music and participating in games.

During the evenings, children left CCWF to participate in group activities at a campground with CRJW camp counselors.

The program is offered at no additional cost to the families, with children traveling from all over the state to participate.

Woman and girl cut guitar shapes out of cloth.
Camp Suzanne participants work on crafts at CCWF.