Community Involvement, Inside CDCR Video, Our Promise

Our Promise campaign is online

While there’s no doubt the in-person information fairs and events associated with CDCR’s Our Promise campaign have been well-attended and served as fun ways to share information about the work nonprofits do for our communities, the CDCR and CCHCS Our Promise team is committed to a 100 percent online campaign featuring the great work CDCR and CCHCS staff do to give back.

To get involved, stay tuned to the Inside CDCR newsletter and CDCR’s social media platforms, where we’ll share Our Promise information and discussions with staffers about the nonprofits they support. And don’t forget, the paper forms of years past are gone and Our Promise pledges can be made via the portal on Cal Employee Connect. Also on the site, employees can access their digital pay warrants, review their leave balances, and see their W-2s.

The portal is on the Cal Employee Connect home page. In this video, the Our Promise team walks through the enrollment process. Enrollment and donations are voluntary. Once registered, donors can search for nonprofits, adjust their donations, and make one-time or ongoing donations through voluntary payroll deductions.

There are many ways to give, whether through financial donations, giving your time to causes you are passionate about, or sharing information about groups whose work is important to you. Learn more at