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When New Life K‑9 dog needs surgery, participants pitch in to help

When one of the New Life K-9 program dogs needed help, Pleasant Valley State Prison’s incarcerated population was ready.

Delta, named after Facility D where he was being trained, began having medical issues. The 18-month-old yellow Labrador retriever had hip and elbow dysplasia, requiring surgery, eliminating Delta from the program.

The incarcerated K-9 handlers banded together, collecting recyclables to help offset the surgery’s cost. Meanwhile Delta was adopted by a prison staff member. Delta was already familiar with the staff member since he previously served as the dog’s weekend puppy raiser.

Others housed on Facility D also pitched in to help, donating recyclables to Delta’s cause. The group collected 31 large bags of cans and bottles.

On Jan. 12, New Life K-9s picked up the 402 pounds of recyclables and $651 was put toward the surgery cost.

“This is an astounding feat,” said Associate Warden M.F. Martin.

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