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Nurses at LAC save doctor’s life

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The nurses involved received plaques in recognition of their life-saving action.

Nurses at California State Prison-Los Angeles (LAC) saved a doctor’s life on May 11. Here is an account of that act form the Chief Nurse Executive:

Our nurses saved a Providers life in our C clinic. The Primary care RNs K. Swinney and RN C. Nzerem noticed the PCP was not looking very good and checked in with him.

He stated to the nurses, “Don’t worry just give me a minute, I am not feeling well.”

The nurses let him be but something just did not feel right. They went back a few moments later and the doctor was sweating profusely, pale and diaphoretic. The nurses had to talk the doctor into taking an EKG.

As soon as the EKG started printing out it was obvious the PCP was having an MI with grave stone ST elevation. The fast acting Nurses notified the M3 van (Rover) and immediately dialed 911.

The Rover van arrived to the clinic and while loading the doctor into the van they connected the AED. On the way to the TTA, the provider went unresponsive.

RN Hammer went in to immediate action performing chest compressions on the doctor. The AED analyzed a shockable rhythm and a shock was delivered.

A second round of compressions was completed and a second shock of the AED. The provider then opened his eyes and began breathing.

Thanks to the quick action of the nurses, the fire department and the ambulance arrived at the TTA within minutes of the M3 van arriving.

RN Aro and RN Hammer Assisted in the transition of care to the paramedics and the provider was then taken to the local community hospital and to the cath lab. The doctor was then admitted to the ICU and is currently in stable condition.

These nurses did an amazing job and we are so proud of them. In addition, many of the staff went to visit the doctor while he was in the hospital to check on him including the initial visit by the CEO Dr. Galstian, CME Dr. Ramos and CSE K. Woolley. The doctor is now at home and recovering. What a great team we have here at LAC and we are so proud.

Interestingly enough, while meeting with another of our superstar nurses it was discovered that RN Pinckney has an artistic talent of making plaques.

RN Pinckney eagerly volunteered to make the plaques that would be presented to the nurses who responded to the doctor’s emergency.

Leadership was elated to see the results. The plaques were presented to the employees with great pride and support by our CEO. The “Special Recognition award 2021″ is presented in special recognition of your outstanding service and dedication to the nursing profession.