Above the Call

LAC nursing staff continue to receive praise for saving doctor

Nursing staff with certifications
From left are RN Andrew Aro, RN Chinyerenwa Nzerem, RN Kyle Hammer, and RN Karin Swinney.

Registered Nursing staff at the California State Prison – Los Angeles County were honored by executive staff for their swift action that contributed to saving a physician’s life.

What started as a normal day quickly turned deadly as a doctor began feeling chest pains. That’s when staff quickly responded, providing care to stabilize the physician until an emergency medical response team arrived.  

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Custody and surrounding staff were overheard praising the efforts of Chief Nurse Executive Adam Rowley and Supervising Registered Nurse III Sarah Malogi’s nursing team.

Warden R.C. Johnson provided certificates and challenge coins to the nursing staff for going above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks to their quick response, the physician is recovering. The CEO also presented plaques.

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