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North Kern prison donates $10k to two charities

North Kern prison staff donate to charities such as Ronald McDonald House.
From left are Joseph Lopez, Community Resource Manager; Scarlett Sabin, House director of Ronald McDonald House; and Warden Kelly Santoro.

The generosity of those at North Kern State Prison was evident October 22 when Warden Kelly Santoro presented checks to two charities. Funds were raised through food sales with the incarcerated population.

Presented on behalf of prison staff, the first was $4,770.88 to the Salvation Army. In addition to the funds, personal hygiene items were also donated to the Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center.

The second check, totaling $5,936.88, went to the Ronald McDonald House.

North Kern prison staff and those in their care often raise money for local charities.

“Here at North Kern State Prison, we are committed to partnering with our local non-profits and supporting our families in the Central Valley to provide them with a sense of hope, courage, and joy,” said Warden Santoro.

Learn more about the Ronald McDonald House at their website.

Learn more about the Salvation Army.

Submitted by Joseph Lopez, Community Resource Manager
North Kern State Prison

A check to Salvation Army from North Kern prison warden.
From left are Blane Baker, Intake Coordinator for the Salvation Army and Warden Kelly Santoro.

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