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Correctional officer cadets put through their paces

Correctional Officer cadets encouraged by a sergeant as they run a training course.
Sergeant Timothy Dunham encourages Class 3-22-A cadets as they undergo the physical fitness training test at the Basic Correctional Officer Training Academy.

First week of training begins for correctional officer cadets

Basic Correctional Officer Academy Class 3-22-A is now underway for cadets at the RA McGee Correctional Training Center in Galt. The academy’s first week includes three days of orientation and the Physical Fitness Training Test.

The fitness training test ensures the cadets are physically fit and able to participate in the academy courses. Cadets must complete the test within five minutes and five seconds.

The fitness course consists of a 500-yard run on different surfaces, up and down stairs, as well as maneuvering through an agility course.

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