Community Involvement

Mule Creek prison helps fire victims

Mule Creek prison staff member holds a check at the El Dorado Community Foundation.
Chris Ringnes, PR & Communications Coordinator for El Dorado Community Foundation, accepted the check donated by Mule Creek State Prison.

Mule Creek State Prison’s Project 180, a multi-yard fundraising group established last summer, recently donated funds to fire victims. Raised by the prison population, through incarcerated facilitators, the funds went to the El Dorado Community Foundation in Placerville.

Mule Creek prison’s Project 180 used 10 facilitators to collect donations, with the average being $5 to $20 each, for fire victims. Some teachers also assisted in gathering pledge forms.

The foundation created a benefit to help those impacted by the devastating Caldor Fire.

The prison collected $6,145, donating it to fire victims and their families.

Project 180 aims to fundraise two to four times per year with targeted events. The project name implies that through giving, we can help turn impacted lives in another direction, for both the incarcerated and the community.

Submitted by Lieutenant Angelo Gonzalez.

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