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CCWF participates in Stanford research study

Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) Warden Anissa De La Cruz hosted a Stanford University research study allowing four days of data collection.

Executive Director Debbie Mukamal leads the Stanford Criminal Justice Center research team. The group is seeking to understand how trauma and intimate partner relationships contributed to the convictions of those incarcerated. The research team included three proctors who completed incarceration at CDCR facilities. Governor Jerry Brown commuted these proctors’ sentences.

Stanford research team conducts study

CCWF Warden stands with Stanford research study executive director
Debbie Mukamal, left, and Warden De La Cruz.

The research team met with the nearly 500 individuals in July, all of whom are currently serving sentences for specific convictions. A research team proctor ensured each participant received a short introduction to the purpose of the study. The Institutional Review Boards of Stanford University, State of California, and CDCR’s Office of Research all approved the research design.

Mukamal thanked CCWF for their cooperation.

“We are grateful to CCWF leadership and staff for their efforts in helping us survey individuals in our target population. We appreciate all of the behind-the-scenes work that went into our visit,” she said. “Thank you, Warden De La Cruz, for respecting the value of research and the professionalism of your team.”

Stanford hopes to replicate the study in other states and to assist with future positive outcomes.

Submitted by Lt. Monique Williams, AA/PIO
Central California Women’s Facility

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