Rehabilitation Professional of the Year

2020 Rehabilitation Professional of the Year

The Rehabilitation Professional of the Year Award is given annually to the person or persons who help facilitate the successful reintegration of the individuals in our care back to their communities equipped with the tools to be drug-free, healthy, and employable members of society by providing education, treatment, rehabilitative, and restorative justice programs, all in a safe and humane environment.


Stephan Lambert, Correctional Officer at Sierra Conservation Center, and Jennifer Wynn, Regional Associate Supervisor

For Stephan Lambert, working as a correctional officer is not simply a job – it is his mission.

His attitude and dedication is manifest through actions.

Stephan’s past leadership over SCC’s Substance Use Disorder classroom modules helped change negative behaviors among the incarcerated population and created a better working environment for his fellow officers.

He knows the program providers and students names.  He knows the curriculum.  And, most importantly, everyone knows he is there to support success and help change culture.

When Jennifer enthusiastically agreed to this job she became the first in the Superintendent’s team to have supported every CDCR adult school in the state. 

She is always willing to help anyone who needs assistance, be it with a sticky problem in SOMS, training new administrators, acting as a Subject Matter Expert for the Office of Correctional Educaton Strategic Plan and the creation of new Education Models, or coaching new administrators.