Report CDCR Employee Misconduct

Employee’s Complaint Against Department Employees:

Every employee of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation with knowledge of employee misconduct shall report any such act and cooperate fully in the investigative process. Failure to report or refusal to cooperate shall be grounds for adverse personnel action.

Employee responsibilities:

  • Identify misconduct
  • Report the misconduct through the chain of command

Hiring Authority responsibilities:

  • Evaluate complaint / Identify allegations
  • If necessary, complete Confidential Request for Internal Affairs Investigation / Notification of Direct Adverse Action (Form CDC 989)

Office of Internal Affairs Central Intake responsibilities:

  • Evaluate allegations and determine whether investigation will be conducted

Office of Internal Affairs:

  • Investigate the misconduct and gather useful information related to misconduct
  • Complete the investigation in a timely manner
  • Send investigative report to Hiring Authority to complete the adjudication process

Hiring Authority responsibility after receiving report:

Review investigative report and make finding. If allegations are sustained, the Hiring Authority will recommend action to be taken, if any.