Investigative Process

Hiring Authority alleges misconduct occurs and submits a complaint to the Office of Internal Affairs requesting an investigation using a Confidential Request for Internal Affairs Investigation / Notification of Direct Adverse Action (Form CDC 989). The Internal Affairs Central Intake Unit reviews the request for investigation or Direct Action and makes a recommendation. The case is opened for investigation or returned back to the Hiring Authority, who may take a Direct Action, corrective action or training. The Central Intake Unit may send the request back to the Hiring Authority as no misconduct identified.

Once Central Intake determines a case is opened for investigation, the case is forwarded to one of the Regional Internal Affairs offices (Northern, Central or Southern or Headquarters) for investigation. All supporting documents and evidence is gathered and collected, witnesses and subjects are interviewed. The investigative report is completed and submitted to the Hiring Authority for disposition.  The Hiring Authority determines what type of action will be taken against the employee. The employee is notified in writing when the investigation is complete. If action is taken against the employee, the employee will receive notification of the action taken.  The employee can appeal the action through the appeal process.