Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file a complaint against a California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation employee?

You may write to the local Office of Internal Affairs (Sacramento, Bakersfield, Rancho Cucamonga) within your region or inform a Department supervisor or manager.

Will the Office of Internal Affairs conduct an investigation into all complaints of misconduct?

No, the Office of Internal Affairs will review all complaints of misconduct received and investigate those criminal in nature, or that would, if true, likely lead to adverse action.

What should I expect if I am notified as a subject or witness in an Office of Internal Affairs investigation?

In both instances, you may receive notice of a scheduled interview.
At the time of notice, information will be provided to you as to who you may contact for further direction and/or information.
If you are a represented employee you may contact your union representative.
If you are an unrepresented employee, you are entitled to have a representative of your choosing accompany you to your interview.
You may consult the Department’s Operation Manual Chapter 3, Article 14 for an explanation of the process.

If I file a complaint against a Department employee, will I be told the outcome of the investigation?

You may or may not be contacted or interviewed.
Upon completion of the investigation you will be notified, in writing, that the investigation is complete, however, the Government Code prevents the disclosure of the details of personnel actions.

Why would my complaint against staff not be investigated?

Some complaints may be referred to the direct supervisor as they are best handled as a supervisory or as a training issue, as dictated in Section 3, Article 22 of the Department’s Operation Manual.
Your complaint may be out of the jurisdiction of the Office of Internal Affairs, and the complaint may be referred to the appropriate investigative entity.

When is an investigation complete?

When the Office of Internal Affairs completes an investigation, the investigative report is forwarded to the appropriate hiring authority, who then reviews the report and determines the findings.
The investigation cannot be considered closed at this stage because the Hiring Authority reserves the right to request additional follow-up, which may include additional interviews, documentation, etc.
If the investigation is deemed sufficient by the Hiring Authority, they document their findings.

Will I, as the subject, be notified?

The Hiring Authority will notify you in writing that the investigation process is complete. This notice will include their findings.