Authorized Pilot Programs

The Department has statutory authority, pursuant to Penal Code Section 5058.1, to conduct pilot programs for up to two years provided certain conditions are met:

  • The pilot program affects no more than 10 percent of the male population, 10 percent of the female population, or 10 percent of the combined population if it is intended for all inmates.
  • The Secretary certifies in writing that the pilot regulations will apply only to the pilot population accompanied by a description of the program and methods used to evaluate it.
  • The certification and pilot regulations are filed with the Office of Administrative Law and made public. 
  • An estimate of the fiscal impact of the pilot program is completed. 

The Department announces approved pilot programs through an Instructional Memorandum. Pilot programs expire after two years unless adopted into Title 15 regulations. The following pilot programs have been authorized and are currently in effect: