Restitution Collection and AB109

Frequently Asked Questions

I was in state prison and was released to Post-Release Community Supervision at the county level. How do I make payments toward my restitution obligations?

Voluntary payments can be made toward the restitution obligations that were part of your state prison sentence by sending a check, cashier’s check or money order to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) It is very important to note your CDC# and name on any payments , which can be mailed to the following address:

  • CDCR – Trust Accounting
    P.O. Box 276088
    Sacramento, CA 95827

You may also send money electronically through one of the following companies:

Can I just send payments to the probation department/probation officer at the county now that I’m on Post-Release Community Supervision?No.  Payments cannot be made to the county where you are currently being supervised because CDCR still has the authority to collect on any restitution obligations that were a part of your prison sentence.

Will CDCR refer my case to the Franchise Tax Board for collection even if I am making voluntary payments?Yes.  CDCR refers all cases where there is victim restitution ordered by the courts to the Franchise Tax Board for collection after the offender is released from prison.  Restitution fines are referred to the Franchise Tax Board by the Victim’s Compensation Board.  However, any voluntary payments made toward your restitution obligations will reduce the amount you owe once the case is referred to the Franchise Tax Board for fines and victim orders.

When will my restitution obligations be transferred to the Franchise Tax Board for collection?There is currently no specific timeline for referral of cases to the Franchise Tax Board, but you can expect your case to be referred within 90 days of release from a CDCR facility.

Who do I call to find out how much I owe toward my restitution obligations and whether it has been sent to the Franchise Tax Board yet?You can contact CDCR’s  Office of Victim and Survivor Rights and Services at 877-256-6877 and ask to speak to an adult restitution analyst for balance information and to find out the current status of your restitution obligations.