Links to the Law

California laws which assist crime victims and witnesses when the offender was sentenced to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) are provided below: 

Victims’ Rights

679.02 – Statutory rights of victims and witnesses of crimes


679.03 – Violent offense; notice to witnesses, victims, and next of kin of right to notice of offender’s release or scheduled execution

3058.8 – Violent felony witnesses, victims, and next of kin; notice of scheduled release of offender and community of residence

646.92 – Notification to victim or witness of release of person convicted of stalking or domestic violence

11155 – Notice; placement in reentry or work furlough program; escape; address to which sent

Parole Placement – 35 mile radius

3003(f) – An inmate shall not be returned to a location within 35 miles of the actual residence of specified victims or witnesses. Specified victims& witnesses identified in Section 3003(f) are identified in the following Penal Code Sections:

667.5(c) (1)-(7)

Special Conditions of Parole

3053.2 – Conviction of domestic violence offense; parole conditions; notice to victim

Restitution Sentencing

1202.4 – Restitution fines; exception; amounts; hearing; disclosure; extension

1202.45 – Parole included in sentence; additional restitution fine

Restitution Collection

2085.5 – Crime victim restitution fine or order; deduction from wages and trust account deposits; disposition; administrative fee; order; exception; collection from parolees

3000.05 – Restitution payments; failure of parolees to make payments; authorization to contract for collection and disbursement

Restitution – Out of State Parole

11177.2 – Release to another state prohibited; unsatisfied order of restitution; exception; waiver

Board of Prison Terms Hearings

3043 – Parole eligibility or date; notice to victim or next of kin; request; appearance and statement; duty of board; amendment of section


653m – Telephone calls or contact by electronic communication device with intent to annoy


3605 – Witnesses to execution; selection; exclusion of minors

HIV/AIDS Testing

1202.1 – Conviction for sex offense; AIDS testing