Peer Support Program

This program was established to ensure CDCR staff involved in work-related critical incidents are provided with intervention and available resources to cope with the immediate effects of a traumatic incident. Peer Support Program (PSP)

The PSP provides peers who are trained to listen and offer emotional and practical support to help an employee deal with his/her situation in a confidential environment. CDCR has over 1,200 peer supporters statewide.

Statewide PSP Admin Leaders List

Contact Information

Office of Employee Wellness

Statewide Peer Support Manager
Lt. Patrick Sahota
(805) 610-0638

Statewide Peer Support Coordinator
Janette Williams
(916) 445-2649

Department of Defense Resources and Services:

Military Support Services, Organizations and Agencies:

Suicide Prevention / Intervention Program

This program is a component within the PSP that provides support, intervention, and appropriate resources to employees who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts and emotions.