Peer Support Program

Office of Employee Wellness Peer Support Program

In 2021, the Peer Support Program (PSP) was standardized in order to develop a framework for program consistency that is based in clinical and trauma-informed research related to post-trauma care, psychological first aid, and best practices for peer-to-peer support programs.

The PSP serves to provide an empathic listening ear and facilitate pathways to professional help, or as a result of the following situations:

  • Physical assault.
  • Sexual assault.
  • Hostage incident.
  • Causing injury or death to person(s).
  • Illness, death, and suicide.
  • Substance use; or
  • Involvement in onsite and offsite critical incidents.

PSP members are available at each CDCR and CCHCS location and consists of volunteer custody and non-custody staff who are trained and have the desire and passion to help staff in a time of need.

Statewide PSP Admin Leaders List

Contact Information

Office of Employee Wellness

Statewide Peer Support Manager
Janette Williams

Statewide Peer Support Coordinator
Ashton Peterson

Department of Defense Resources and Services:

Military Support Services, Organizations and Agencies:

Suicide Prevention / Intervention Program

This program is a component within the PSP that provides support, intervention, and appropriate resources to employees who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts and emotions.