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Where to find COVID‑19 answers

By OPEC staff

Last week, we invited you to send us your questions about COVID-19. Since this situation is in flux with daily developments and decisions, the best way to get authoritative answers is to check our COVID-19 website regularly. Consider bookmarking it on your browser.

The COVID website home page is a summary of the main issues, and the actions our agency is taking. On the left side of that page are navigation links to other useful pages and sites. On the top of that list is the Updates page which is currently added to several times a day. You’ll also find frequently asked questions, staff resources and more, including links to the top public health authorities in California and the U.S.

There is also now an email address – – that you can use to send your questions and concerns about COVID-19 and our agency’s response. The team staffing that email box will either respond to you directly or ensure that your email is sent to the appropriate person or office.

Thank you, and best wishes to all.