Statewide SB/DVBE Advocate & SB Liaison

Nina Martinez
Office of Business Services
Administrative Services Unit
P.O. Box 942883, Sacramento, CA 94283
Phone: (279) 210-3484

The Role of the SB/DVBE Advocate

The CDCR SB/DVBE Advocate represents the department statewide to the SB/DVBE and non-profit community.  The CDCR Statewide Advocate supports the business community with program compliance and information, such as, prompt payment assistance, certification assistance, bidding opportunities, and California certification or non-profit recognition.

The Statewide SB/DVBE Advocate provides contact information to the business community to better assist suppliers seeking business opportunities with the department.  As needed, the Statewide SB/DVBE Advocate serves as liaison for CDCR and the Department of General Services on SB/DVBE program issues.  The CDCR is structured with Small Business/DVBE Advocate liaisons to represent CDCR’S 35 Institutions, 3 facilities, and several programs to provide additional business services and support throughout California.

The Role of the SB Liaison

The SB Liaison shall be responsible for:

  • Receiving and responding to complaints received by the agency from small businesses.
  • Providing technical advice and assisting small businesses in resolving problems and questions regarding compliance with the agency’s regulations and relevant statutes.
  • Reporting small business concerns and, if appropriate, reporting recommendations to the agency secretary or to the agency head, as defined in Section 11405.40.
  • Reviewing and updating, on a semiannual basis, content on the agency Web site that is accessible through the small business link provided on the State of California Internet portal pursuant to Section 11541.5.
  • Assisting the agency secretary, department director, or executive officer, as applicable, in ensuring that the procurement and contracting processes of the applicable entity are administered in order to meet or exceed the 25 percent small business participation goal, and developing and sharing innovative procurement and contracting practices from the public and private sectors to increase opportunities for small businesses.
  • The small business liaison shall not advocate for or against the adoption, amendment, or repeal of any regulation or intervene in any pending investigation or enforcement action.

SB Accounts Receivable/Payable Assistance

Certified SB suppliers or non-profits seeking assistance with past due payments may email a request for assistance, to Sacramento Accounting Small Business Center for Excellence, to receive payment on past due invoices.

Phone (916)255-5443

The following are links to the California Department of General Services’ website, which provides information for small businesses and DVBEs: