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CDCR Week in Review: June 16, 2023


officers in two lines standing at attention

HDSP honors fallen officer Bianchi in nation’s capital

High Desert State Prison (HDSP) staff honored fallen Correctional Officer Richard Bianchi during National Police Week in Washington, D.C.

Escorting Bianchi’s family to the National Peace Officers Memorial Service were:

  • Associate Warden A. Lane
  • Capt. G. Crowe
  • Sgt. M. Davis
  • and Correctional Officer G. Steelman

Officer Bianchi passed away while on duty in June 2020. His name was placed on the National Fallen Peace Officer Wall, the first California Correctional Peace Officer to be added.

Visit Inside CDCR to read the full article.

SRU staff speaks with PRIDE Sacramento attendee

SRU attends Sacramento Pride

The Specialized Recruitment Unit (SRU) attended Sacramento Pride 2023. This two-day event was open to the public. SRU focused on supporting health and wellness, advocating for equity and justice, and building a culturally rich LGBTQIA+ community.

Peace Officer’s and CCHCS recruiters collaborated to represent non-custody, custody, and medical opportunities. Over 300 attendees engaged with recruiters to learn about the department’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, and begin a career with CDCR.

The recruitment team announced an official partnership with the Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce (SRCC). This partnership will help the department foster inclusion and representation at all levels. SRU will attempt to take the next step in changing public perception on law enforcement agencies and correctional culture. This marks CDCR as the first state agency to participate as a partner with SRCC.

National Children's Day header

National Children’s Day

National Children’s Day has been celebrated in the U.S. since the 1800s, although there have been variations in deciding the date and day on which it will be celebrated.

June 11 addresses the importance of children in society and the numerous challenges that some still face in different aspects of their lives. This observation aims to improve children’s welfare, invest in their future, and address mental and physical health issues.

Race Unity Day header

Race Unity Day

Race Unity Day, which is also known as Race Amity Day, is observed annually on the second Sunday of June.

This year, it takes place on June 11. It started in 1957 in the United States by the Bahá’í National Spiritual Assembly. The purpose was to combat racism by focusing attention on racial prejudice. The Bahá’í understood that racism is a hindrance to peace so they started this day to promote racial harmony and understanding.

To encourage employees to expand their knowledge and gain new experiences, CDCR/CCHCS GARE Ambassadors are sharing celebrations throughout the year.  To learn more about the diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, visit the GARE website

What’s New?

four people sitting at a laptop looking curiously

Digital Equity Ecosystem Mapping (DEEM) Survey

The State of California is designing solutions to ensure that all California residents have access to high quality and affordable internet service, devices, skills training and digital support.

Please take the Digital Equity Ecosystem Mapping (DEEM) Survey to contribute valuable information about your current experiences using the internet:

Your participation is vital to understanding barriers to internet access, affordability, and adoption, helping the state close the digital divide and create an equitable internet for all. The survey only takes about 10 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous. It is accessible in 14 different languages and includes audio functionality for limited English proficiency and limited literacy residents. Please only complete one survey per household.

California Model

FSP incarcerated group photo with their families

FSP Get on the Bus 2023

Folsom State Prison (FSP) hosted the annual “Get on the Bus” event, bringing families of incarcerated people to visit their loved one. This was the first Get on the Bus event held in person since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Family and friends received a much-needed opportunity to connect with their loved ones.

Games and activities were set up throughout visiting for the children and adults to participate in. These activities brought smiles to the faces of the visitors and incarcerated.

The event served as a reminder of the importance of maintaining connections and relationships, even in challenging circumstances. It allowed families to demonstrate their unwavering support and reaffirm their commitment to their incarcerated loved ones’ rehabilitation.

Upward Mobility

Robert St. Andre has been appointed Warden, High Desert State Prison.

Joseph Tuggle has been appointed as Chief Deputy Warden, Folsom State Prison.

CalPERS Pathways for Women Conference

In celebration of Women’s Equality Day, CalPERS is hosting a Pathways for Women Conference on
August 21 and 22 in Anaheim. This conference features outstanding leaders from business, healthcare, and government, working to advance, inspire, and educate women in their careers. CDCR and CCHCS Hiring Authorities (HAs) may nominate interested employees to attend this conference in accordance with their program’s workload and budgetary capacity. The conference supports CDCR and CCHCS’ efforts in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

This event will take place at the Hilton Hotel in Anaheim. Registration fees are as follows:

  • Early bird pricing: $199 (ends June 21, 2023)
  • Standard pricing: $249
  • Student pricing: $99.

Conference and travel costs shall be covered by the program’s budget and in accordance with existing CDCR/CCHCS training, employee development, and travel policies. Nominees shall be submitted to by COB June 19 for review by CDCR/CCHCS Headquarters. Once approved, nominees will be notified and shall register and coordinate travel arrangements accordingly.

Awards for nominations will be limited to the following:

  • DAPO – 3 seats
  • Headquarters Programs – 8 seats
  • CCHCS – 5 seats
  • Division of Adult Institutions 9 seats.

For more details and information regarding the conference, visit the CalPERs’ event page. If you have any questions regarding this event, please email the CDCR Upward Mobility Unit, at

In our Institutions

CCI staff standing together

CCI cuts patient backlog with Lean Six Sigma

Like most institutions in the state, California Correctional Institution (CCI) had struggled to tackle their backlog of Specialty Services appointments for all of 2022. At one point in August 2022, the backlog was nearly 300 appointments.

While some aspects of access to specialty services care are outside the control of the team at CCI (limited availability of contracted providers, more than an hour drive to most specialists, etc.), they were determined to address the issues that were in their control. 

The team at CCI, led by Supervising Registered Nurse II Cynthia Busby, focused efforts to decrease duplicate and unnecessary appointments, increase appointment availability and maximize efforts to use onsite telehealth services. All of these tools are Lean interventions performed with the specific purpose to decrease waste.

After all their hard work, the backlog was11 as of May 2023.

In the Community

FSP staff standing under inflatable tunnel at torch run

FSP supports Special Olympics

Folsom State Prison (FSP) participated in the annual Law Enforcement Torch Run in support of the Special Olympics. The run took place on a 4.5-mile cadence from the Sacramento Fire Department Station 8 to the State Capital building. Nineteen runners attended from FSP.

FSP raised more than $1,800 from participation in the Law Enforcement Torch Run. The proceeds from this event will go towards supporting the athletes participating in this year’s Special Olympics.

NKSP staff standing with RMCH staff all holding a large check

NKSP donates to Ronald McDonald House Charities

North Kern State Prison (NKSP) presented the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) with a donation of over $8,400.

Attendance included:

  • Kevin Hixon, NKSP Warden (A)
  • Amber Williams, NKSP Chief Deputy Warden (A)
  • Joseph Lopez, NKSP Community Resources Manager
  • Scarlett Sabin, House Director of RMHC
  • And Carla Burch, Ronald McDonald Board Member.

The donation will go to support families in need in Bakersfield.

“Scarlett showed my team and I the renovated Ronald McDonald House. You can clearly see their dedication and commitment of keeping families and their loved ones close. RMHC provides them with a sense of hope, courage, and joy. I am proud to be supporting RMHC and know that they will make a positive difference in the Central Valley,” said Warden Hixon.


CCJBH logo

CCJBH Lived Experience Project Showcase

When: June 23, 2023, 2-4:30 p.m.

Description: As CCJBH’s current Lived Experience Projects (LEP) come to a close, LEP contractors will reflect on their successes and challenges over the past three years. These efforts have supported local community-based organizations, each of which have been implementing unique projects that include individuals with lived experience to help reduce justice involvement of individuals with behavioral health needs. 

Click here to register for the showcase.

In the Media

CIM dance program

Can a Dance Class Free Men’s Bodies in a Place Meant to Contain Them?

Think of men in prison and you probably don’t think of dancing. But that’s what some at the California Institution for Men here were doing — dancing for invited guests.

It might not have seemed like much: some walking, some running, a bit that resembled Duck Duck Goose. Yet the men were moving freely in an environment that restricts and regulates motion. They were moving together, suddenly vulnerable, physically open, trusting — in ways that regular prison culture and the lives that led them to prison had taught them not to be. The dance was allowing the men to be seen, and to see themselves, differently.

Visit The New York Times website to read the full article.

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