Onboarding: Executive Walkthrough

Below is a step-by-step walkthrough to complete the hiring process for Executive Staff. These steps are separated by milestones. In addition, you will find a designated section for both forms and what to expect at this part of your hiring process.

Additional executive contacts can be found in the Executive Onboarding section of CDCRnet— the department’s intranet.

Pre-Arrival Goals

Receive contact from Executive Appointment Unit Analyst (EAU Analyst)

Month 1 Goals

First Day

  • Review CDCR Onboarding Webpage and available resources
  • Introduction to workspace and work area
  • Confirmation of necessary supplies
  • Discuss Emergency Evacuation Procedures
  • Tour the work location
  • Confirm benefits meeting appointment

First Month

  • Complete New Employee Orientation (NEO)
  • Sign and submit necessary Human Resource forms and policy acknowledgement forms
  • Verify CalATERS account has been setup (expense report account)
  • Meet and greet Executive peers
  • Meet with Office of Personnel Services or Institution Personnel Officer
  • Receive ongoing support

Month 2 Goals

Complete survey of onboarding experiences.