Continuing Education – eLearning

eLearning offers independent study opportunities in high-interest subject areas for personal enrichment and academic development.

This program is a formalized teaching and learning system specifically designed to be carried out remotely through the use of electronic communication; the student works independently. eLearning is available regardless of geographic location and offers opportunities for students to take a deeper dive in particular areas of study. Students with scheduling problems can benefit because eLearning allows for more flexibility and can be delivered virtually anywhere via television, onsite computers, DVD players, and handheld devices such as tablets.

Students may be eligible to earn Milestone Completion Credit(s) in accordance with the California Code of Regulations Title 15.


eLearning is available at all California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) institutions.

Program Length

Each course is designed to take a minimum of 100 hours to complete. Students are required to demonstrate at least ten hours of study per week, two of which are face to face with the teacher. Some students will progress through the material more rapidly while others will take their time.


All CDCR incarcerated individuals are eligible to enroll in eLearning voluntarily. Preference is given to those students who possess a high school diploma or its equivalence. Assignments and enrollments are open entry/open exit. Students who do not fulfill the minimum requirement of ten hours per week may be dropped from the class and/or program. Not all courses are appropriate for all learners.  

Contact Information

(916) 445-8035