Rehabilitative Programs and Services

An offender who is serving or has served their time on good behavior has access to many rehabilitative programs and services, if they are determined to be in need. Depending on where the offender is in their sentencing, the options for rehabilitative programs and services may vary.

In Prison Programs

In Prison Programs provide comprehensive educational programs, treatment programs, and pre-release rehabilitative programs for offenders while in prison. These programs focus on Cognitive Behavioral Interventions, pre-release education, planning, skills, and acquiring a California identification card.

Offender Activity Groups

Educational Programs

Treatment Programs

After Prison Programs

After Prison Programs provide comprehensive post-release rehabilitative programs and services located in communities throughout the State of California delivered through residential, outpatient, and drop-in centers. These programs focus on housing, life skills, and family unification, as well as employment assistance and placement. View a list of available rehabilitative programs for parolees after prison.

Outpatient and Drop-in Centers

Pre-Release Community Programs

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